The future of work is asynchronous and video delivers more

Make collaboration with your team feel like meeting in-person and as fast as sending a message. Lace is here when scheduling a meeting with busy calendars is too much and chat messages are not enough.

Onboard your team like never before

Engage new team members with 5x faster video based onboarding and in-context video Q&A content. Keep the best responses and make future onboarding even better.

Eliminate time zone friction and late night meetings

Send and receive video messages to talk with your globally distributed team as if they were available 24/7. No delays, no calendar alignment, no meeting distraction. Hello, 10x efficiency!

Extract the essence from hours long discussions in under 5 minutes

Watch the highlights and skip all details. No need to join every meeting just to keep-up with the latest updates. Jump straight to the critical points, ask questions with embedded video, and go back to your primary work.

Reimagine collaboration and take a leap into the future

50% More Efficient Teams
Combine efficient collaboration with more focus time.
30% Faster Onboarding
Quick access to your team while you need them the most.
Happier Teams
Eliminate inefficiency, the No.1 attrition factor in highly performing teams.